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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
We Needed more Strength

As a mummy, we needed much more strength then we could ever imagine.

We needed more strength to look after our children when they are sick.
We needed more strength to be there to nurse our children's wounds when they fall.
We needed more strength to chase our children down the walkway when they decided to runaway from us.
We needed more strength to carry them in our arms when they are tired.
We needed more strength to wake up in the middle of the night and stumble to the kitchen to make milk for them when they are hungry.
We needed more strength to teach them when they are wrong.
We needed more strength to guide them through their lives.
We needed more strength to cheer them on when they are sad or fail.
We needed more strength to play with them when they are bored.
We needed more strength to read for them during bedtime.
We needed more strength to praise them when they attain a new milestone

Some says mothers have amazing powers and I start to believe it now tat I am one. I never knew I could do it sometimes but I manage to pull through everytime, but it really could be a "hair pulling" stituation sometimes.

Last Saturday, my friend offered me a concert ticket to a concert which I have been wanting to watch so much. I was so happy when he told me and I hurry call my mum to ask her if she could help mi with the girls for the night. My mum kinda of used a few excuses and told me "if you can go with a peace of mind then go ahead". Upon hearing that, I decided not to go. I am really sad tat I cried when I talk to hubby moments later. I do not blame my mum for not looking after the kids for me, however if I were to insist on going I know that she will look after for me, AND its not her responsibilities to look after the kids for me. They are my kids, my responsibilities, I should be the one looking after them but sometimes I really hope to take a break........when my mother quoted that phrase to me, I was heartbroken.....and I know I would probably not ask my mum for help anymore, am not blaming her but just disappointed with her reply. Well this is about the sacrifaces you have to make when you are a mother.

Sometimes ppl will tell me, though you are a mother you should have your own time too. Well, who doesn't wan to have their own time if they could? I really envy ppl who had parents that could help them with their kids and they could have couple time every now and then but sad to say I am not 1 of them. Both hubby's parent and my parents believed that they had done their job raising all of us and now its time for them to sit back and relax, I do not blame them cos I think they were right about what they said so we could only rely on ourselves.

I love my kids, they are my everything, they are the love seeds which we have planted and are blooming now. I will use all my strength and love to protect them and nurture them till they are old enough to venture out on their own. Even then, i believed that I will still be their shade, to shield them from rain and storm.

Every morning when I wake up, I will tell myself its a brand new day, my kids are now another day older, I can do it, I will do it. Just have to bite teeth close my eyes tight and soon they will all grow up and I can sit back and relax le. Jia you SHARON YOU CAN DO IT!!!

And these are the time when I told myself 2 is enough.

Want to know when will I want more? See This!
Contradicting? You can say that again.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009
I must have been c ferazy...

I think I must have been crazy as suddenly now at this moment (Hopefully only now) I feel like having another bb when my darling Claudia is only coming to 4 months old. wakkak.........WAKE ME UP PPL!!!

Been going through some bb blogs and then suddenly feel like getting preggy again. I must have forgotten the tough 9 months of prenancy again... I needed help....... I really can't afford another one mentally and financially at this moment.

I used to want to have 6 kids at least, but after the 2nd one I felt that I really had enough, suddenly go read ppl's blog and seeing their scans on babies makes me wanna have another. Did I really forget all the pains and aches I had duing then 2nd pregnancy? Did I forget the gestational diabetes i had for every pregnancy which I had to control my diet so badly? The horrible confinement!!! Oh Man! Women are really so forgetful. No wonder my grandmothers each had 11 and 7 kiddos......................

OH ! BTW CLAUDIA FLIPPED TODAY!!! but I missed it, she flipped at my aunt's and did not flip to show me back home as she is tired and fell asleep.....

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Friday, March 06, 2009
My Glucose Test

My glucose test results came back last night, WOo Hoo!!! Everything is fine. I dun even have glucose intolerance like after my first pregnancy, wat a relief! I was pretty scare of this OGTT as I am dreading the results. Kinda of scare that the results might not come back good saying I already got diabetes and stuff thus been postponing the test till the last minute whereby I got to go back to work next week. Thank you god for blessing me. *bai Bai*

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Monday, January 19, 2009
Claudia Darling

So happy that I manage to take a shot of her smiling! Love this pic!

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Friday, January 16, 2009
So cute

I am looking at claudia sleeping in her yao lao with her hands covering her eyes. so cute................

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Mei Mei is 2 Months old, 1st 6 in 1 & Rotavirus Jabs

Mei Mei is 2 months old and went to take her first jab today! She is such a brave girl, she only cry for hm... say 10 secs? kekekek..................I am so proud of you Claudia darling! Oh, Charlene was very brave when she had her MMR last month too. She didnt even cry or say pain. kekek... maybe my children got very thick skin. =p

Mei mei is now 4.9kg and 56.5cm tall. at the 80 to 90th percentile. Way to go mei mei!!!

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Spring Cleaning time!!!

Did a whole lot of washing today. Actually wanted to go shopping the whole day to get my CNY clothes, in the end half way through quarrelled with my dear n ended the shopping early.

When reach home still feeling very pissed, thus change anger to cleaning. I washed (washing maching actaully, keke..think this is the first time my washing machine worked so hard too, I think i at least did 6 to 8 washing) all the curtains and sofa covers today, cleaned the whole fridge, tidied up the kitchen and wipe/ arranged the shoe cabinet. I threw 1 lorry of shoes away too. I left it outside the house then the garung guni man come n ask mi got anything to sell, I ask him old shoes wan or not then he say 50 cents can? I say ok la, since I also lazy to bring down to throw away. He help mi throw somemore give mi 50 cents. wakkakaka.......but i think he earned lor. I think those shoes at least cos mi few hundreds dollars lor n I sell him 50 cents only. Some also never wear before but I know I will never wear it at all lor, so might as well throw away. sssssh.........dun let my dear hear this.

Actually staying at home this month made mi realised that hor my house here every day also got garung guni leh. They very hardworking one, everyday also come. Nowadays garung guni also got buy handphone de leh. Today that guy keep asking mi wan to sell my handphone or not. kekekek..........

Though hor today did a lot of cleaning but it seems like still so much to be done. After the washing n cleaning of kitchen and living room the tough part come liaos. Next week I got to start with my cupboards already. I c the clothes inside i wan to faint. My MIL ask mi to pack those clothes that I dun wan so that she can help mi bring to flea market to sell. wakakkaak.........I think I do wan to throw away quite a bit actaully. Really no place le........

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Sunday, January 11, 2009
My Pride, My Love, My Everything....

This is call My Family.
My life is complete becos of them, filled with love becos of them... I love my family.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009
Being a Mum

Being a mum is not easy, I only realised it 2 yrs ago when I hold Charlene in my arms and I must compliment my mother and thank her as she really had done such a good job with the 3 of us. I might not be able to match up to what she has done with us but I am trying my best. It might sound very cliche but its only at this time tat you really appreciate your mother and know what she has gone through all this while and worry what if in future your daughter decided to ton night and have boyfriends. keke......

The endless worries about your child started the minute your pregnancy test kit turns positive. The pain of childbirth, the happiness you felt when you hold your child for the first time in your arms, feeling proud when your child starts to flip on their own before their peers, the first toothless smile your child flashes to you warm your heart through n through, panda eyes from night feeds, engorged breast from missing feeds, the love you get when your child hugs you and tell you mummy I love you and loads more will either get you crying like mad, screaming like mad or happy like mad. Yes, no matter what you are feeling you will feel it full blast till you almost go mad. wakkka... hm... so maybe I am already very mad. lolx If you are feeling all this then Welcome to madhood, *gulps* i meant motherhood. =)

I must say that though I might complain tat I no longer able to go to places as and when I like, unable to chiong as and when I like or even unable to sit down and eat my dinner in peace, I am very glad that I blessed with my 2 precious gems. Whenever I am feeling lonely, tired after work or something bad has happened to me, just looking at them makes my day, talking to them will revived my energy, hugging them will make me feel that everything isnt tat bad anymore and world peace... Opps... outta of point. kekek.........

Your birthday wish every year from then on will never change. It's not going to be "I hope to get a gucci bag" or "I wan to strike TOTO this monday" anymore (yeah i know, though deep down u still hope to get it but thats definitely not going to be wat u wish for) but its gonna be "I wish for health and happiness for my family". Everything you do will b on your family. Its that the fate for us women huh? Sometimes I really dun regonise myself. From someone whom is out partying on Saturday nights to someone who is writing in her blog about being a mother is totally different eh. Well.. I guess ppl change, anyhow I also 30 liaos, go out ppl also say mi lao go. But I think I can pass off for lao chio? better hide at home n write blog la.

hm....its pass 12 am le...... my bed time now is 10pm. Last time when ppl tell mi that they sleep at 10pm I told them that they must b crazy as the night just began at 10pm, now at 10pm I couldnt even open my eyes (well today is exception cos I decide to b a notti girl n sleep late. lolx. *Bleah!*

My mum told me that I am currently leading an auntie life cos I got to look after 2 kiddos, and I dun even have to bother to get CNY clothes just wear t-shirt n shorts like wat I wear at home can le as I must squat up n down, carry my kids so wear nice nice also no use. So bad hor? I can still b harvoc n pretty mummy ma. But actaully hor nowadays u ask mi to wear nice nice put make up go out I also a bit lazy. Before I leave the house I must prepare my elder girl bottle, my younger girl bottle, hot water, diapers this la tat la where got time to ta ban my self? I think really have to wait till they are older before I can have my life back. I called my mum on new year eve and she is going count down with her friends and me? I am home looking after my 2 kids. lolx................tell me about it!!!

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Saturday, January 03, 2009
Happy Birthday My Dear Girl

Happy Birthday My darling daughter Charlene!!! You are 2 today!!!

Have a bless life and grow up Healthily and Happily!!!
Mummy and Daddy loves you so so much!

Posted @ [10:40:00 PM]

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